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Can you name the Biology terms that begin with the letters A, B or C?

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Description/DefinitionStarts with A, B, or C
The chamber that receives blood returning to the heart.
A disease in which the body attacks itself.
Rod shaped bacteria.
The mass of nerve tissue that is the main control center of the nervous system.
Made of a nitrogenous base, a sugar, and 3 phosphate groups.
Uncontrolled cell division.
A plant with a 2 year life cycle.
The protective plate on the cephalothorax of some crustaceans.
An organic compound made of C, H, and O - which provides nutrients to cells.
A region of tRNA containing 3 bases.
Having 2 body halves that are mirror images of each other.
A tiny blood vessel.
Makes red and white blood cells.
Where pollen is formed in a flower.
Mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles are examples of this Phylum.
Description/DefinitionStarts with A, B, or C
In plants a seed bearing structure, in animals a photoreceptor in the eye.
Hairlike structure on the surface of some cells.
A process that does not require oxygen.
Building blocks of proteins.
The group in an experiment that all others are compared to.
Humans have 46 of these.
The group of flowering plants that produce seeds in a fruit.
Tiny air sacs/cells in the lungs for gas exchange.
A form of asexual reproduction in single celled organisms in which one cell becomes two.
This surrounds the nucleic acid core of a virus.
Partially digested food that is regurgitated by ruminants.
A protein responsible for muscular contraction and relaxation.
These are located above each human kidney.
The stage of an embryo before gastrulation.
Relationship between two organism in which one benefits and the other is unaffected.

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