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Can you name the aliases Irwin Fletcher uses in Fletch & Fletch Lives?

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What the hey, it's better than Irwin.
For an extra grand, I'll let you take me out to dinner
No children? No elephant books.
I'm here to check Alan Stanwyk's file.
Doctor who?
Where's the records room?
It's Scotch-Romanian.
Comanche Indian
I'm calling about some ranch property I'd like to buy.
I'm a shephard.
It's all ball-bearings nowadays.
Mrs. Cavangh's cousin.
Doesn't mean I want her sitting next to me.
My parents were fans of the former president.
If it's a reporter, cripple him.
What's your name, little lady?
She be Ms. Trigonometry Ross
I love the Fightin' Irish
Bend over. Ben, nice to meet you...
They're speaking some kind of African dialect.
What happened? Did I black out?
Rid this man of these headache demons.
Your house is on fire.
Now I own the whole thing.
I go through five of these suits a day.
The second.

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