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Nickname with initials givenPlayer nameSport/team
J____ I Am Not a K____MLB/Philadelphia Phillies
C____ Daylight Come and D____ Go HomeMLB/Toronto Blue Jays
A____ Touchy F_____NFL/Philadelphia Eagles
S___ Say It Ain't S____MLB/Chicago Cubs
T____ Cotton C_______MLB/Cleveland Indians
R____ The Flying N____MLB/San Francisco Giants
G___ S____ of DreamsMLB/Florida Marlins
J____ Frito L____MLB/New York Yankees
J____ Can You See C______MLB/Oakland Athletics
D____ Green A_____NFL/Philadelphia Eagles
J____ Carne P_____MLB/New York Yankees
B____ Be Home B______MLB/Minnesota Twins
A____ Winnie The P____MLB/St. Louis Cardinals
Nickname with initials givenPlayer nameSport/team
M____ White C_____NFL/New England Patriots
J____ Minute R___NFL/San Francisco 49ers
R____ V_____ HighwayMLB/Chicago White Sox
B____ F______ NgugenNFL/Green Bay Packers
N____ Mr. Nice Guy G_____MLB/Boston Red Sox
R____ Remember The A_______MLB/Toronto Blue Jays
T___ We Are The W____MLB/St. Louis Cardinals
T___ Good Housekeeping Z___MLB/St. Louis Cardinals
G____ Taco B____MLB/Toronto Blue Jays
R____ My B_____NFL/Tennessee Titans
J____ Going Going G_____MLB/Texas Rangers
M____ Pepperoni P_____MLB/New York Mets
C___ New Kids on K_____MLB/Minnesota Twins

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