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John Cabot, whose 1497 discovery of North America is commonly held to be the second European voyage after Columbus' expedition, was a Venetian citizen.
The play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare was based in Venice.
Pompeii and Herculaneum are the location of some of the best preserved Greek remains in the Valley of the Temples in Sicily.
'Sicilia' and 'Corsica' are the two Italian island regions in the Mediterranean Sea.
There are no active volcanoes in Italy.
The Italian island of Lampedusa is much closer to Tunisia in Africa than to Sicily and Italy.
Napoleon spent his first exile on the Italian island of Elba, the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago.
Italy is subdivided into 15 regions.
The 'Trevi Fountain' in Rome is one of the most emblematic examples of Baroque art and was the set for an iconic scene in Federico Fellini's film 'La dolce vita'.
The 'Flavian Amphitheatre' in Rome is considered the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering in Italy.
Italy is one of the founding members of the European Union.
The Apennine Mountains form the northern boundary of Italy.
The 'gondola' is the iconic boat of Venice and in the past centuries there was a small cabin with shutters to protect the passengers from the weather and lovers from onlookers.
The 'Tevere' (Tiber River) is the longest Italian river.
Bologna is home to the European oldest university.
The 'Leaning Tower' is the most widely famous monument of Florence.
Italy borders 3 sovereign countries with 'S' as initial letter in their common English name.
The Italian peninsula is surrounded by the Aegean Sea.
The colors of the Italian flag represent three virtues.
Italy is famous for its boot-shaped peninsula.
In Naples each year there is a 'Pizza Day' (July 10) to celebrate the invention of pizza.
Saints Peter and Paul are the patron saints of Italy.
In 1861 Italy was unified, but Rome was chosen as the national capital city ten years later.
The American continent is generally believed to have derived its name from an Italian explorer.
After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Etruscans restored order and centralized government to Tuscany.
The Uffizi Gallery and the Sforza Castle are two of the most important tourist attractions of Turin.
Monaco is one of the two landlocked countries in the Italian territory.
The Italian flag contains in a different order the same three colors of the Austrian flag.
The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is in the refectory of a Dominican convent in Milan.
The 'Po River' flows through Florence.
The Electricity measurement 'Volt' is named in honor of an Italian physicist.
The famous children's story 'Pinocchio' was written by Giorgio Napolitano in 1811.
'Lira' was the monetary unit of Italy, before being replaced in 2002 with the euro.
Rome is further North than New York City.

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