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A - Official language originated from 17th century dialects collectively referred to as Cape Dutch.
B - South Africa's judicial capital.
C - Geographic southern tip of Africa and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.
D - Biggest city on the east coast of the African continent.
E - Nicknamed 'Buffalo City', it's the only river port in the country.
F - Province in the heart of the Karoo Sequence of rocks. Known as South Africa's breadbasket.
G - Smallest province by area, but even the most populous one.
H - High plateau region, home to the largest metropolitan area in the country.
I - Town formerly called Stuartstown. Known for The Buddhist Retreat Centre.
J - World's largest city not situated on a river, lake or coastline.
K - Capital city of the Northern Cape Province.
L - Northernmost province of South Africa and river flowing to the Indian Ocean.
M - City best known for the Siege in 1899, the most famous engagement of the Second Boer War.
N - Officially renamed Mbombela, it's the capital city of the Mpumalanga province.
O - Longest river, flowing westwards from the Drakensberg mountains to the Atlantic.
P - Capital city popularly known as 'the Jacaranda City'.
Q - City known as 'the Rose Capital of South Africa'.
R - National currency.
S - One of the bordering countries.
T - Flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking Cape Town.
U - Official seat of the South African government. Highest point of Pretoria.
V - Industrial city on the Vaal River in the south of the Gauteng province.
W - Former exclave of South Africa, now part of Namibia.
X - One of the 11 official languages.
Y - One of the 6 colours in the national flag.
Z - Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD ) for South Africa.

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