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A - Largest lake on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.
B - Largest island in the country.
C - The 'Stampede City', in the Grassland region of Alberta.
D - Largest uninhabited island on Earth.
E - The most northerly city in North America with a metropolitan population of over one million.
F - The 'City of Stately Elms', at the bottom of the Saint John River.
G - Largest lake entirely within Canada.
H - Port city, on the western end of the Niagara Peninsula, in the geographic centre of the 'Golden Horseshoe'.
I - City in the Everett Mountains, at the head of Frobisher Bay.
J - City in Alberta's Rockies, with the Icefields Parkway connecting the townsite to Lake Louise in Banff National Park.
K - City on Okanagan Lake. Named from a native term for 'grizzly bear'.
L - City in Ontario, at the forks of the Thames River and named after a European capital city.
M - Largest French-speaking city.
N - One of the three Maritime provinces and the only one constitutionally bilingual.
O - Largest province by population. Its name may comes from a Huron word meaning 'great lake'.
P - Province known as 'Garden of the Gulf' and 'Birthplace of Confederation'.
Q - Largest province by area.
R - Provincial capital city named in 1882 after Queen Victoria.
S - Largest urban centre on Cape Breton Island.
T - City whose name means 'place where trees stand in the water'.
U - Bordering country.
V - Largest metropolitan area on the Western Coast.
W - Largest city in Manitoba.
X - Capital of Nova Scotia … as seen at a mirror.
Y - Smallest of the three federal territories.

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