Attack of the Birds

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largest and longest beak of any species
Daffy Duck as this intrepid hero in his own space spinoff
mascot of the cereal Fruit Loops
carried the olive branch to Noah as a sign, Bible story
gets its pink color from eating shrimp and crustaceans
medical term for 'fear of chickens'
oldest known bird, 150 million years ago
name of a well-known and delicious Chinese duck
'The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!'
said 'Nevermore', also one of the smartest birds
fastest bird, can reach 200 mph while diving
the nitrogenous waste that all birds excrete
the act of a bird rubbing oil on its feathers
extinct Indo-Pacific bird, associated with stupidity
arch-nemesis of Sylvester the cat
main protagonist of Sesame Street
in this book, a swan is born mute and plays a trumpet to communicate
class name for birds
nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation, named for famous bird painter in 1800's
Chicken that lived for 18 months without a head
Charles Darwin's famous diversified bird
Harry Potter's snowy owl
used to detect dangerous gases in coal mines
French folklore stories first published in 1697
a favorite dish during the Thanksgiving holiday
explosively tempered freind of mickey mouse
The name of Woody Woodpecker's nephew
sticks its head in the sand to look for water
can turn its head 135 degrees in either direction
decorates territory with objects and color schemes as a mating ritual
term for birds of prey, reference to dinosaurs
only bird that can fly backwards and can't walk
one who studies birds
name of the French carrier pigeon that was the hero of the Battle of the Argonne
the world's only wingless bird, New Zealand
a constellation named for the crow, in the southern sky
favorite food of scavenger birds
founded the fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken
it is illegal to feed ducks on Sunday between the hours of 5am and 12pm while humming in this state
Lovelace in Happy Feet
largest wingspan
a supernatural bird in Native American folklore that creates storms with the beat of its wings
a group of birds
small New Guinea bird that is poisonous to the touch
best friend of Snoopy from The Peanuts
longest migration of any bird species, 18,600 miles
the most common bird on the planet

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