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First president to fly in an airplane
First president to have fathered twins
First president to have an asteroid named after him
First president to die in office
First president to appear on television
First president to use electricity in the White House
Grandfather of first baby born in the White House
First president born in a hospital
First Boy Scout president
Juggled clubs to build up his muscles
Had a putting green installed on the White House lawn
First president to refuse publicly to eat broccoli
First president to wear a beard while in office
Only president to get a speeding ticket while driving a horse
Rode his horse sidesaddle into battle
First president to travel underwater in a modern submarine
First president to speak over the radio
Owned eighty pairs of pants, which he changed several times daily
First president to use a telephone in the White House
Last president to have served as an officer in the Revolutionary War
First president to appear on a postage stamp
Always wore a red carnation in his lapel for good luck
Trivial FactPresident
First president to serve on the Supreme Court
First president to have a veto overridden
His wife taught him to read and write
Established the first permanent library in the White
Only president to name a son George Washington
His daughter, Susan, held her senior prom at the White House
First president not born a British subject
First president to have his inauguration reported by telegraph
First president to ride a train
First president sworn in by a woman
Always insisted that Grace be said before a meal
First president to wear trousers regularly (instead of knee breeches)
First and only bachelor president
First African American president
First president to have been a Rhodes scholar
First president to resign his office
First president to hold a press conference
Had an electric horse installed in his White House bedroom
First Democrat elected president after the Civil War
First president to live in the White House
First president to have been divorced

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