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president of the Confederate States of America
Established the Hermitage
Threw Hans Gruber off the Nokatomi Towers Christmas Eve 1988
Patron of Italian Renaissance
Military leader of the bolsheviks
first female prime minister of UK
21st President of the United States
victorious at stirling bridge
Led the reformation; 95 theses
founder of humanism
Leader of French Resistance during WW2
Nazi minister of propaganda
The Iron Chancellor
first president of republic of China
First signer of Decloration of Independence
pharoah that built the Great Pyramid of Giza
Repelled Muslim expansion at battle of Tours
Leader of the Mfecane
first man to reach space/ orbit earth
Invented printing press in 1447
First casualty of the revolutionary war
last Romanov tsar; executed in 1917
founder of the zionist movement
The Great Emancipator
leader of Spanish Civil War; dictator
Invaded England; victorious at Hastings
'the most powerful man in Europe and the second most powerful man in france'
The Sun King; Bourbon monarch
Leader of the Khmer Rouge
built wall to push celts out of Britannia

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