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Can you name the TV show based on the school attended by its characters?

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SchoolTV show
Hillman College
Acme Looniversity
Carver High School
Westbridge High School, Adams College
Robert F. Kennedy Junior High, McKinley High School
The Harbor School
Chilton Academy, Harvard University
Bayside High School
Corleone Junior High School, Tattaglia High School
Westdale High School, Filmore Junior High, Clinton Elementary School
SchoolTV show
Harding High School, Leland College
Point Place High School
Capeside High School, Worthington University
Buddy Cianci Junior High School, James Woods High School
John Adams High, Pennbrook College
Grant Avenue School, Mayfield High School
Eastland School, Langley College
Tom Landry Middle School, Arlen High School
Jefferson High School
West Beverly High School, California University

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