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________ thoughts arrive like butterflies.Pearl Jam
It's a _________ don't let it get away.U2
Lovin' you has got to be, take me to the _______.Aerosmith
It's been ________ since you looked at me.Barenaked Ladies
It ain't me. it ain't me. I'm no ________.Creedence Clearwater Revival
______won't ya ________ mister and you'll be never seein' me no more.Lynyrd Skynyrd
Here I am on the road again. There I go. _______.Bob Seger
Can I have some _____. ______for me please.Black Crowes
He's a ______. There has to be a twist.The Who
_______,________ yeah. _______like a flower.Paul Mccartney
___________ there'll be peace when you are done.Kansas
The give me _____._______.Ted Nugent
You're old enough to _________.Van Halen
And I'll be ________ every day.______ Every wayBachman Turner Overdrive
__________ play to kill.Ac/Dc
I've been through the desert on a ________.America

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