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'You can have a Hot Pocket for breakfast, a Hot Pocket For Lunch and be_________'
Even in church, when I see someone praying next to me i always think, hey can you_______?'
I don't know they call it the Ihop because when I leave I don't______'
'Speaking of diapers I went to a _________'
'Everytime I see an escalator I think sweet all I have to do is_________'
'A muffin is a bald cupcake ________'
'Hey admit it all you think when you hear the song happy birthday all you think is _________'
'If you put candles in a pie then_________'
Camping was a tradition in evryones family until
'Escalators make you definitely look down stairs You're Nothing more than an____________'
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'Here something you'll never hear in a Waffle House ___________'
'Easter the day Jesus rose from the dead what do we do ______?
'Remember when the remote was like three buttons now it's like an ________'
'Even the frying of bacon sounds like_____________'
'My parents never took me camping, know why ______________?'
'You konw who is the happiest camper the guy __________'
'If you eat al whole pizza people are like wow you were hungry if you eat a whole cake people say________'
'Now if you've never been to a waffle house just imagine a _______'
'Thats why we have the snooze bar as my first decision of the day I _______'
'I'm moving a little slow tonight I had a _________'

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