Things Passing Through The Skull Foramina

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Can you name the Things Passing Through The Skull Foramina?

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Supra-orbital foramen
Infra-orbital foramen
Mental foramen
Zygomaticofacial foramen
Parietal foramen
Incisive foramina
Greater palatine foramen
Lesser palatine foramen
Pterygoid canal
Foramen ovale
Foramen spinosum
Foramen lacerum
Carotid canal
Foramen magnum
Condylar canal
Hypoglossal canal
Jugular foramen
Stylomastoid foramen
Foramen cecum
Olfactory foramina
Optic canal
Superior orbital fissure
Foramen rotundum
Hiatus for the greater petrosal nerve
Hiatus for the lesser petrosal nerve
Internal acoustic meatus

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