LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga Characters

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Can you name the characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga?

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HintCharacter nameOutfits
Starting character - green lightsaber
Every episode - blue lightsaber
Silver droid
'Bombad' high-jumper
Luke's mom
African-American character that grapples
The Chosen One
White and blue droid in every episode
Red and white droid
Gold droid in every movie episode
Purple lightsaber
Master Jedi
Executed Order 66
Story mode Clone Trooper
Wookie w/ a name
Darth Vader is her father . . .
Rebel in orange
Rebel in red
He had a landspeeder; the main dude
He shot first
The only important African-American in the Original Trilogy
Ewok w/ a name
Useless droid affected by the first Power Brick
_._. STARSTORM!; useless droid
Dim-witted droid enemies
They have shields
Gungan w/ a weapon (not in DS)
Leader of the Gungans (not in DS)
You save 6 of these in I-5
The alien w/ the junkyard on Tatooine
HintCharacter nameOutfits
Droids involved in the Podrace
His lightsaber has two blades
She tries to kill Senator Amidala (not in DS)
He owns the diner in the original game
The bulk of the Republic army
Llama minus one 'l' plus 'Sue' minus 'e' (not in DS)
____taun is what WE ride in Episode V (not in DS)
They run droid factories
Somebody gave a Battle Droid a mushroom
The Clone template
Jango's 'son'
ilLUMINAting, R yA?
Big-headed Jedi
mini___ FIST 'O pain
Pronounced 'I-ELLA SECURE-A'
'Plow' minus 'w' coKOON
Cuts off Anakin's hand
Single-jumping high-jumpers
General of the Droid army
Chewbacca is one of these
The bulk of the Rebellion
The bulk of the Empire
They pilot Imperial Shuttles
Sand People
He did not shoot first
A spy for the Empire
Rebel troopers for the Empire that work on the Death Star
Black stormtroopers
Officers for the Empire
HintCharacter nameOutfits
Gets blown up with the first Death Star
They pilot vehicles for the Rebellion
This guy controls the computer system in Cloud City
Small dude with a zapper
They guard the planet that Cloud City is 'on'
Hold the special ability button (on console and Windows versions), and they play their axe
Jabba the Hutt's right hand man
They guard Jabba's palace
This bounty hunter is not a 'boss' but has a 'k'
They guard desert skiffs
'Den' has this 'guard' without the 'u' and the 'd'
This guy has an L in his 4 ROMs
Man-eating teddy bears that worship C-3PO
More guards, though these are for the Empire
I Got 88 of these
Evil R2 (no more are in DS
Secret character that's the star of the next game
Bees make this sound for this droid
Jedi trained with this Wii controller
The remains of a dead person
They hide in trash cans on Tatooine
It's Droid 1, now type it in over there ->
The one above plus 1
The one above plus the one two above
The one two above squared
An engineer for the Rebellion
An engineer for the Empire
They drive the big walking tanks on Hoth and Endor
ASE-6 Droid that may hide in a hole

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