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Emerald Isle Chief
Deceased Architect
Her to the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Mother's Younger brother envisions himself murdering this man
Is seeking to escape his life as an escapologist
Removed the corset
Famous Barnum & Bailey Midget
Socialist candidate running for President
Composer of 'Wall Street Rag' and 'The Maple Leaf'
Stinky fish people
Straw in his mouth as the second one crashed into the first
Vice President
NYC Mayor
Found a baby in the garden
Broke his pelvis in the yard
Man who had invented the 20th Century
Explorer of Egypt and history
Stalker and Firework Maker
Hired Houdini for a show
Had a momma's boy
Was in charge of the punch bowl after Emma's speech
Played the 'Wall Street Rag'
Man whom Houdini encountered in jail
Wore a veil over her head when seeing Tateh and the girl
Dwelled in the attic
Wife of Famous Midget (Maiden last name)
Led a group to the North Pole
President/alleged dictator of Mexico during that era
Held the leash of his young girl
Patriotic Goods Salesman and Explorer

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