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kid cudi
awake in another state/but im not worried at all
my momma told me don't let no one break me
im a facebook popper cause i told the same girls i will be the hot sh***
in this world/ is there any love
abc, abc, abc, 123
i've got some issues/ all of these emotions are pouring out of me
wake wake wake up/ i be rollin one up
i've got so much to say, i kno i've came so far, you understand my swag
salutations to all, you can call me cudi/ you can look all over but NOPE you'll never find
wooorrrrdddddd, i can't feel the left side of my face
all i ask of yall is to please/ i come in peace but i need yall rockin with me
kid cudi
every time the moon shines
and if i die i swear to lord my soul today because im ready for a funeral
guess if i was simple in the mind everything will be fine/ i came in from above/ but then they say im crazy crazy crazy
crush a bit/night terrors
in my mind im feeling alright/ i forget about it all
soaring through paradise when im closing my eyes
knock knock cudi open up its chip/ hey hey what it do ma dude
i can have everything and anything i ever wanted/ right here in my.....
free my mind a puff at a time/roll up a heap of that pine
get ready, bump it, lets go

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