Films sampled in Graf Orlock's trilogy

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Can you name the films sampled in Graf Orlock's trilogy?

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Song TitleAction Film
Tactital Destruction
50 Year Storm
Not Economically Viable
Improvement Society
Dutch And The Demon
Prove It
Massacre/Main Title
Captives Of The Thuggee
Rotten Kid
Personal Stuff
Panic At The Galleria
Border Crossing
A Chat With The Pentagon
Game Time
A Shocking Interrogation
A Misappropriation Of Sector Resources
Song TitleAction Film
Corpserate Greed
A Waste Of Ammo
I Think I'm Going To Love The Future
Todd And Janelle
The Dream Left Behind
Chapter III
Run Over By A Truck
Franky; Buying Dog Food
An Interest In Prosthetics
Not Our Problem
Days Of High Adventure
Deluxe Mental Hospital Tour
Jamming In Traffic
Pre-retirement Nerves; Cop Killers
Talking Terrorism
Murder On The MTA
A Bad Day In Africa
End Credits: Voice Of America's Sons

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