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Movie =MovieYear
Blair Witch Project + Haunted House - Headache2007
Dude, Where's My Car - Pot + Roofies2009
The Truman Show + Consensual1999
The Prestige - David Bowie2006
South Park + Puppets2004
Anchorman + NASCAR2006
Rear Window + Shia LaBeouf2007
Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Kevin James + Seth Rogen2009
Murder By Death + Tim Curry1985
Dances With Wolves + Smurfs2009
Jumanji + Space2005
Movie =MovieYear
A Bug's Life - Pixar + Dreamworks1998
Big + Jennifer Garner2004
Point Break + Racecars2001
The Princess Diaries + Prostitution1990
Bruce Almighty - Morgan Freeman + Christopher Walken2006
Knocked Up + Hamburger Phone2007
Forrest Gump - Low IQ + More Unusual Disorder2008
The Little Mermaid + Tom Hanks1984
Donnie Darko + Ashton Kutcher2004
Indiana Jones + The Davinci Code2004

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