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If I meant being a lifeguard meant _______ i would've never signed up. (Spongebob)3
My pickle started out in a jar, ________. Huh, its like a pun or something, huhu. (Patrick)5
Whoever's the owner of the white sedan, ________. (Patrick)5
You used me.... for ________! that wasn't very nice. (Spongebob)2
Of course i'm not sure what saving an ____ has to do with boating school. (mrs. Puff)1
I love fried _______. (Patrick)2
I did exactly as you said, i followed all the rules! I even ate 105 black licorice ______. (Plankton)5
Yeah thanks i know, its got _____! (Patrick)3
Crime... and punishment. Punishment... and crime. ______! (Spongebob)3
Brush brush brush, brush brush brush, ________ (Patrick)2
Quote SampleFinished QuoteNumber of words
I don't think you can be the mom, patrick, ______. (Spongebob)5
I'd have a few choice words for him. like you, and are, and ______! (Patrick)2
Now let's play a classic. Find the ________ (Sandy).4
Stupid _____ Pants! (Patrick)1
Am i really going to defile a grave for money? ________ (Mr. Krabs)4
But don't genius live ______? (Patrick)3
_______ na na na NA NA NA, NIGHT!!!!!!!1
Coin operated self-destruct. Not one of _____ (Plankton)3
________ is not an instrument either. (Squirdward)1
This isn't your average darkness... _________ (Spongebob)4

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