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The capital of TuvaluCapitals of Oceania
The southernmost South American capitalSouthernmost World Capitals,
The largest coffee producing country not in South AmericaCoffee Producing Countries,
Phil Sandifer
The only African capital with the same name as it's countryRecycled Capital Names,
This city is known as the City of SailsCity Nicknames
The world's deepest seaDeepest Oceans and Seas
This river is known as Chang Jiang by the local inhabitantsExonymous Rivers,
Kazakhstan's flag consists of these two coloursFlag Colors,
This city is home to the Taj MahalLandmark Cities
The only African country with 'land' or 'stan' in its nameLands and Stans,
Countries of Africa
The only country to qualify for the 25 smallest countries and the 25 longest coastlines quizzesSmallest Countries,
Longest Coastlines
This 11 letter country has the longest name among countries that do not repeat any letters in their namesNon-Repeating Letter Countries,
The most overweight countryOverweight Countries
This world capital was formerly known as ChristianiaRenamed Cities,
The first country you would reach sailing due north from Paramaribo, SurinameSail the Ocean Blue,
HintAnswerQuiz, Contributor
This is the most common 3 letter combination at the start of country namesSame Start|Different Country,
The most populous US city ending in 'ville'U.S. cities ending in...,
The only country to contain the letters 'y' and 'z'XYZ Countries
The northernmost country to claim territory in AntarcticaAntarctic Territorial Claims,
The only world capital beginning with 'N' located in a country beginning with 'N'Alliterative World Capitals,
The country with the highest chicken populationWorld Chicken Population,
The closest world capital to Quito, EcuadorClosest World Capitals,
The most densely-populated non-island country in the AmericasDensely Populated Countries,
The most common county name in the USCommon Counties
The southernmost German stateStates of Germany
Sri Lanka, prior to 1972Renamed Places
The largest Canadian IslandLargest Islands,
The most common answer on Sporcle quizzes requesting country namesMost Common Sporcle Countries*,
This large river flows through Budapest, HungaryRiver Cities
The only North American country that ends in 'ia'Countries ending in ia,
Lisa Shoup
Countries of North America

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