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The name of the small plastic sheath on the end of a shoelace
The real name of the Red Baron
This surname, made famous by a successful search for a vegetarian breakfast, means hog killer
Proportionate to body size, this creature has the largest penis
The first novel written on a typewriter
The largest known volcano in the solar system
Aside from humans, the only animal that can contract leprosy
Among land animals, this has the longest tail
The embryos of this creature fight each other in the womb until only one survives
The only inanimate sign of the zodiac
The real name of writer/director/actor Albert Brooks
This woman is said to be featured on more statues than any other person
According to the OED, this word has the most definitions
The inventor of scissors
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of this
The largest unplanned man-made explosion took place in this city
This planets orbital axis is tilted at approximately 90 degrees to its orbital plane
The two common english words that end in 'gry'
Queen Victoria is said to have used this to relieve menstrual cramps
In 1986, he became the first world series DH with the initials D.H.
This song was used as a signal for US troops to evacuate during the fall of Saigon
This is said to be the only animal that can see both infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths
This bird has the largest wingspan
The only MLB player to hit 4 home runs in one game and 3 triples in another
The only number with the same number of letters as its value
This creature can have up to 25000 teeth
The original name of Genghis Khan
The largest bay in the world that only borders one country
This rodent, the worlds largest, can exceed 100 kgs (220 pounds)
The animal has the densest fur
If you suffer from polythelia you have at least 3 of these
In space, this creature can throw up its entire stomach, dig out the contents with its forearms then re-swallow the stomach
The name for the colours and lights often seen by rubbing your eyes while closed
The word for dog in the aboriginal Australian language mbabaran
The name of the dog on the Cracker Jack box
This US president kept a pet alligator in the white house
The number of possible arrangements of a chess board after 1 move for each player
The type of tree depicted on Lebanon's flag
The island Amelia Earhart was searching for prior to disappearing
These events have ranged from 38 minutes to 335 years
This amphibian can be frozen solid then thawed and continue living
The only part of the human body that can't repair itself
The only Apollo 11 astronaut to not walk on the moon
He coined the word nerd
The first toy ever advertised on national television
Either of the egg-laying mammals
The only number that is spelled with its letters in reverse alphabetical order
The official name of this US landmark is the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Prisoners in this state produce license plates with the motto 'Live Free or Die'
The least common blood type

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