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Lusitania sunk
Falklands invaded
Dynamite patented
Mandela freed
Krakatoa eruption
Munich Olympic massacre
Penicillin discovered
Polio vaccine produced
Franco-Prussian War
Pearl Harbor attacked
Cuban missile crisis
Lizzie Borden acquitted
Hoover Dam completed
September 11th attacks
McKinley assassination
Oklahoma City bombing
Stanley meets Livingstone
Berlin Airlift
Czar Nicholas II killed
Peary reaches North Pole
Challenger disaster
USS Maine explodes
SARS epidemic
American Civil War
Amelia Earhart disappears
Jonestown massacre
Sputnik launched
Statue of Liberty unveiled
Lindbergh crosses Atlantic
Apollo 11 lands on moon
Hurricane Katrina disaster
First Modern Olympics
Dead Sea Scrolls found
Soviet Union collapses
Phonograph patented
Teapot Dome scandal
Spanish flu outbreak
Woodstock music festival
Russo-Japanese War
War and Peace published
Hindenburg disaster
Nixon resigns
'Jack the Ripper' murders
Korean War
Exxon Valdez oil spill
Gandhi assassination
Wright brothers flight
Chernobyl disaster
DNA discovered
Saddam Hussein execution
Gunfight at O.K. Corral
Saigon falls
Great Chicago Fire
Machu Picchu discovered
King Tut's tomb discovered
MLK Jr. assassination
Suez Canal Opens
O.J. Simpson murder trial
Klondike Gold Rush begins
Pluto discovered

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