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Can you name the words or terms below that end in 'us'?

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This creature has the largest mouth among land animals
Three-headed mythological dog
Planet discovered by William Herschel
The only element to fit the category
A tusked mammal...or a certain Beatle
An early calculator
Therefore, hence
Slave rebellion leader against Rome 73-71 BC
A coffin or tomb, literally 'flesh-eating'
Character in Greek mythology who flew a wee bit too close to the sun
A ubiquitous desert plant
A vegetable of the lily family
One of the events of the ancient pentathlon
This country was formerly part of the Soviet Union
A branch of mathematics independently developed by both Newton and Leibniz
A famous ancient Chinese philosopher
Mold or yeast or mushrooms
Paper and parchment precursor
A famous 16th century prophet
Their songs include 'Drive' and 'Megalomaniac'
A narrow strip of land connecting two land masses
An egg-laying mammal
The capital of Syria
The center of an atom
Concentrated effort or attention
Equipment, part of scuba
A curved surface such as can be seen in a glass of water
Latin for womb
A small infectious agent; nemesis of McAfee

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