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Can you name the words that end with 'ma'?

Updated Feb 16, 2012

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A South American capital
The northernmost US state to fit the category
The fourth state of matter
A group of diseases that damage the optic nerve
Molten rock beneath the Earth's surface
South American camel cousin
A smell or odor, particularly a pleasant one
An injury or shock to the body
This country's name was changed in 1989
Inevitable results brought about by one's actions
A US president
A system of religious principles or tenets
Late 15th/early 16th century Portuguese explorer
A place to view films
A document certifying successful completion
The ability to inspire interest or affection by means of charm or influence
Breakfast aunt
A currency that was replaced by the Euro in 2002
Isthmus nation
A miniature three dimensional scene often made by students
A difficult or perplexing situation
Site of a famous US marines flag raising
Aztec leader at the time of the Spanish conquest
An Asian capital
Director of Scarface and Mission: Impossible
Cougar; mountain lion
A common chronic respiratory disorder usually related to allergies
An unbroken view of the surrounding area
18th letter of the greek alphabet
A state of deep, often prolonged unconsciousness
Site of a cataclysmic event on Aug. 6th, 1945
Multiple Grammy winning cellist
A genre that typically portrays a serious story of human conflict

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