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Now I have to answer the effing ___ _______ when it rings 3 effing times and its effing VinceAri
I paid two grand for these seats, Ill get out there and launch a ___ if I wantAri
Of course he's not happy, nobody is happy in this town except for the ______, look at me I'm miserable thats why I'm richAri
Ok Playa tell him _____ ______ took MadahornAri
Smoke more weed turtle, _________ smoke more weedAri
You should have started dating her next week bro, you would have saved yourself some ____Drama
I bet my left nut, he can not close ___ _____Drama
I've got a nice pineapple coconut aloe vera gel is that cool?..... What the eff are you doing ___?Drama
Comeon just make out with me, I'll show you where Vince ___ ______Turtle
With a 25,000 prize, everybody needs an edge fortunately for you i left my ________ back in LATurtle
I was begging my girlfriend turtle, not a 40 dollar _______ who declined my mothers credit cardEric
Oh, I'm not in highschool this is my little brothers party, I'm just chaperoning (Turtle says Ohhhhh) That was a real _____ ____Random Girl at Party
Bad was last year, things are disastrous now your like ________ with a black cardMarvin
Whatsup everyone its _____ and we're getting ready to take off in just a few minutes, and for those of you that don't know I actually took flying lessons a week ago???
YO! Its the we don't drink _____ crew, what up E!?Seth Green

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