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What type of periodical is Advertising Age?
Does Penn State York have the book mentioned in Bloom's article?
In Iyengar's second study, students were give a choice between 6 or 30 potential
What is the name of the book mentioned in Bloom's article?
You can find books in this
Usually provides a broader view of a topic than an article
What product was used in study 1 in Iyengar's article?
Begin using the Research Guides by clicking on a broad
If an item is not at our campus, request it using this
If you know the journal title, use Citation Linker to find the full text of an
Contains articles and is published at regular intervals
You need to use one of these to find articles
The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is this type of periodical.
'When Choice is Demotivating' can be found in this database.
What is the call number of the book mentioned in Bloom's article?
Bloom's article can be found in this database, which is an excellent place to start your search for articles.

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