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What word does Britta pronounce wrong?
What does Britta think is gay?
What state does Britta say she lived in?
What state does she think Jeff should move to?
Where did Britta go to over vacation?
What did she lose on vacation?
What game does Britta say Jeff is playing during Spanish class?
What does Pierce call Britta in the Pilot episode?
How much money does Britta give Abed for a film class?
What is the memo on the check of the previous question?
What item does Britta steal from Jeff's apartment?
What religion does Britta believe in?
What color were Britta's guns during paintball?
What sexy thing did Britta compare Annie to?
What score did Britta get on the Spanish final?
Where did Shirley find out Britta and Jeff slept together?
What color was Britta's dress at the Transfer Dance?
What color was Britta's dress at the Valentines Dance?
What was the crossword puzzle hint with the answer being Britta?
What was Britta's job in Abed's system with the chicken fingers?

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