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A-What did Pierce think Amber's mother's name was?
B-'I seem to have left my purse in my duffel, and my duffel in the _____ of my lorry.'
C-What does Jeff say is the only thing that abused him from TV (if you count it)?
D-What does the last initial on Shirley's bracelet stands for?
E-Vaughn says everyone is his bro like rocks and hats and what else?
F-What is Abed's pet rat's name
G-What movie did Jeff tell Professor Slater he saw in theaters?
I- What adjective did Dean Pelton prefer?
J-Who does Britta say Abed should be like?
K-About what item does Chang say Jeff has to get with the times?
L-Becoming the 'cookie-crisp-wizard', what level 6 description does Pierce think he is?
M-Who did Abed describe Jeff as in the Pilot episode?
N-From where does Chang say Abed's cousin is from?
O-How many casualties did Pierce have during the electrical storm?
P-What does Chang call Abed's cousin?
Q-Cant think of...type in Q to get right
R-What is the first adjective that Pierce uses to describe Britta's dance recital?
S-What diet soda is Abed's favorite?
T-What does Troy want badly?
U-What word does Mike correct of Jeff's?
V-Pierce's condition is hyper-'____________'?
W-What is Amber's mother's name?
X (eX)-When Pierce sits in Jeff's chair, what verb does he say he wants to do to the conversation?
Y-From where does chang gets his clothes stolen from?
Z-Cant think of..type in Z to get right?

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