Can you name that LOST Dharma Station?

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Can you name the LOST Dharma Station?

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Zoological Research Facility.Kate and Sawyer stayed in the cages at this station briefly
Developed defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the Hostiles hereWas used as a place to stay by the tail section survivors.
Locates when the Island will appear.Eloise Hawking is currently in charge of the station in LA under a church
Toxic gas DevelopmentFaraday and Charlotte said it was their primary mission to disable the toxic gas at this station
Underwater Submarine Guidance Facility, Radio Jammer.Charlie dies here
It was a Communication Technology Facility.Now destroyed
Was an Electromagnetic Research and Containment.Where we first met Desmond
Psychological Research and Observation FacilityNikki and Paulo find it first
It is a Medical Research FacilityWas used by the Others.
Space Time Travel Facility. Disguised as a botanical station.Looks like an abandoned Greenhouse

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