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150 minutes after 6:40 is?
Area of a trapezoid, bases 9 and 5 and height = 4
A pentagon has how many diagonals?
Given x is a positive integer, solve 3x-5 < 0
Solve for x: 4x-7=6
Convert .96969696... to a fraction
How many ways to choose 4 people from a group of 7
Least common multiple of 18 and 28
Surface area of a cube with side=5
Probability that a birthday falls in May
Seven days to build 15 houses implies ? days for 45 houses?
A $7 item with 5% sales tax becomes...
Solve for x: 2x+5=17
Radius of a circle with circumference 24pi
Number of ways to arrange the letters in 'MATH'
Greatest common factor of 96 and 128
For the graph -2y = 5x+6, slope = ?
The biggest prime number less than 95 is?
Solve for x: x^6=64

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