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Can you guess the words by adding a prefix to the given 's' roots?

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Add a letter or two... or three (or more) to the front of the following Latin-derived roots. The answers should be common words (and some perhaps a bit less common). NOTE: I won't say which, but I will say that some of these roots may lose their leading 's' when an 'ex' is added as the prefix. In addition, a few words may be created by adding more than one prefix to the given root.
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-solve (Lat, solvere: to loosen)
-strict (Lat, stringere: to draw tight)
-scend (Lat, scandere: to climb)
-sume (Lat, sumere: to take)
-sess (Lat, sedere: to sit)
-sert (Lat, serere: to join together)
-sign (Lat, signum: indication, proof)
-sect (Lat, secare: to cut)
-spire (Lat, spirare: to breathe)
-sist (Lat, sistere: to stand)
-spect (Lat, specere: to behold)

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