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Three HintsThree Words That Rhyme
Went up the hill with Jack, Uma did this to Bill, Morissette's jagged little one
Supreme, Springsteen, 'Wings' album singer
Michael Clayton, 60 Mintues commentator, Chunk or Data
Tony Soprano, She loves Chachi, I love to eat it everyday and if you ask me why I'll say
Star Trek Captain, Sarcastic Smile, Bernie Madoff
Keyser Soze, Huffman's husband, Clown killer
Russia's government building, Oprah's boyfriend, don't feed after midnight
'Prince of Tides' star, a Rolling Stone, 2006 Adam Sandler movie
Jordan, Eisenhower, Transportation sometimes built for two
Three HintsThree Words That Rhyme
Communication code, Jon and Kate's current situation, Mr. Ed
Wrestling champ Hulk, Fear Factor host, This bud's for you
5th month of the year, 'I Try' singer, VP candidate imitator
His show was about nothing, Massachusetts Senator, Catwoman
President, SNL alumni, Stir-Fry cookery
Forrest Gump, The Jerky Boys, Irresponsible mortgage lenders
Dean Martin nickname, bingo like gambling game, Nevada city
E.T. phoned here, brush your hair, 'How do I love thee, let me count the ways'

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