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Can you name the following things you MIGHT hear on these game shows?

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'We asked 100 people..name something you look forward to doing on the weekend?'
'Mary was so fat..' 'How fat was she?'
'The actual retail price is $750..'
'I'll take Richard Simmons to block...'
'Losers will go to the boardroom where somebody will be fired.”
'Immunity is back up for grabs'
'Bachelor number one, if you were an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?'
'Is it bigger than a breadbox?'
'Books, blackboard...' 'Things you'd find in a classroom'
'Big bucks, no whammys!'
'Natasha, open the case..'
QuoteGame Show
'I think I'm going to ask the audience.'
'Ladies, we asked your husbands what he thinks is your worst habit.'
'Ladies and Gentleman, Gene Gene The Dancing Machine'
'I'll take Historical Figures for $200'
'I'm sorry to tell you that you've been elminated from the race.'
'We'll be back in two and two.'
'Higher! Higher! Lower!'
'Is it door number one, number two, or number 3?'
'I'd like to buy a vowel'
'Will the real inventor of Sporcle please stand up.'

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