Movies With Family Members in Title

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Can you name the Movies With Types of Family Members in their titles?

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1996Albert Brooks
1993Daniel Day-Lewis
2009Cameron Diaz
1999Juliette Lewis
1992Sylvester Stallone
1999Adam Sandler
1988Ted Danson
1987/2009Terry O'Quinn/Dylan Walsh
1992Teri Garr
1997Billy Crystal
2005Mark Wahlberg
1988Dan Aykroyd
1987Kirk Cameron
1983Michael Keaton
1991Chirstina Applegate
1972Marlon Brando
2003Eddie Murphy
1970George Segal
1991Sally Field
1980John Belushi
1989Jack Lemmon
1989John Candy
1991Steve Martin
2000Ben Stiller
1986Mia Farrow
1992Joe Pesci
1996 Bette Midler
1992Woody Allen
1975/2004Katharine Ross/Nicole Kidman
1993Macaulay Culkin

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