Forbes Fictional 15 (As of 2007)

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Can you name the Forbes Fictional 15 (As of 2010)?

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Duckburg USAMining, Treasure hunting
Mingo City, Planet MongoTechnology
Richville, USAInheritance, Conglomerates
New New York, USATechnology, Conglomerates
Beverly Hills, CAOil & Gas, Banking
Springfield, USANuclear Energy
Newport, R.IInheritance, Steel, Textiles
Gotham City, USAInheritance, Defense
Private Island, Pacific OceanHowell Industries
New York, NYInheritance, Defense
Palo Alto, CAApple Computer, Pixar
Westfield, NJInheritance, Investing
Kent, EnglandCandy, Aerospace
Wiltshire, EnglandInheritance, Antiquities, Crime
Mushroom KingdomInheritance, Commodities

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