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Trivia Questions
Who was Raquel married too before moving in with Del?
What did Del want to call the baby if it was a girl?
At what age did Uncle Albert join the Navy?
What type of car did Del buy for Raquel?
What was Rodney's nickname for the car Del bought for Raquel?
Rodney has a GCE in Art and what other subject?
From which country did Grandad get deported from?
What is the name of Cassandra's Dad?
Trivia Questions
What is the name of Boycie's Son?
What is the name of Marlene's Dog
What is the name of the dog that Del gets to keep Rodney company whilst guarding the bus garage?
What was the name of the band that Rodney played in?
What was the name of the bands first hit?
What is the name of Del's friend who moved to Australia?
Where did Del and the guys go on their Jolly Boys Outing?

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