Dai no Daiboken / Fly characters

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Can you name the Dai no Daiboken / Fly characters?

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Bishop warrior; demon king henchman
Death's God
The Demon King
Half ice half fire villain
Pink-dressed girl protagonist's friend
Protagonist's love interest
Gigantic red-skinned villain turned ally
The Great Demon Lord
Rook warrior; demon king henchman
Green-dressed protagonist's friend
Protagonist's best friend, golden animal
Dragon knight villain turned ally
Guardkeeper of the Great Demon Lord's young body
Small but powerful wizard villain
Blue-dressed protagonist
Queen warrior; demon king henchman
Protagonist's adoptive father
King of the Immortals villain turned ally
Knight warrior; demon king henchman
Protagonist's second master, fought the Demon King years ago
Pawn warrior; demon king henchman

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