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featuring songs from all four series
We (TITLE) fought the german chaps in world war II.
We're (TITLE) so mind you head, our prisoners always wind up dead.
I'm (TITLE) the regent king, which means I was just standing in.
A lass called milli fawcett founder of our cause, started the battle for our rights.
In good old Queen Victoria's day, industrial revolution.
Me name (TITLE) famous nurse, for the crimean boys.
Today i'm starting high school where boys tun into men.
Here we come, down the market square, with our funny clothes and hair.
We are the roundheads we don't want kings no more.
I'm William The Conqueror my enemies stood no chance.
featuring songs from all four series
Anyone who's ever lived around these parts, or ever knew'd us.
I love the people and the people love me.
So lets clear the air, grab a chair, i got flair, when i fight a bear.
I was sure that you'd love me, to that hope i did cling.
I took the throne of england, just cause I was protestant.
People thought all animals, arrived here unrelated.
I am (TITLE) my life was a mystery.
Everyone thinks they know the story.
I am a leader and a lady and a queen.
Was the summer of 793, when we sailed across the great North Sea.

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