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skys the limit for you and me
But I know theres sunshine behind that rain
and dissapear right after the song
she says she needs a little company
I cant swim on my own
My prize possession, one and only
I need you to set me free
I will not stay on the ground
it only happens once, once in a lifetime
Yeah, you are my dream
there was nobody that compared to my baby
Tell me that you couldn't see an open door
Before they outlaw the kiss
Or we can share mine
Boy was I in for a big surprise
Ill be your Buzz lightyear fly across the globe
with you shawty with you
girl I love girl I love you
We can make the sunshine in the moonlight
'cause your my angel sent from above
I swear they look so small from up here
Everybodys laughing in my mind
21st birthday she got a louis mercedes
And we meet in the middle...

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