Don't BROWN me off

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Can you name the various shades, or qualifiers, for the color brown (see instructions)?

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Letter HintsShade/Qualifier
b_ _v_ _
b_ _g_
bra_ _
bro_ _ _
_ _ _ _ _
bu_ _t si_ _ _a
cam_ _
c_ _ _ _nut
c_ _c_ _ _te
c_c_ _
c_ _ _nut
Letter HintsShade/Qualifier
c_ _ _ee
d_ _k
d_s_ _t
d_ _t
f_ _n
go_ _en
h_ _ _ _nut
k_ _k_
l_ _ _t
m_ _ _g_ _y
m_ _
Letter HintsShade/Qualifier
r_ _
r_ss_ _
s_ _dy
s_p_ _
s_ _nn_
t_ _ny
w_ _nut
w_ _ _t
w_ _d

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