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On which annual holiday does Phoebe have her birthday dinner, for which everybody except Joey is late?
The Brazil nut is a well-known seed masquerading as a nut. Name the other nut that Roger first mentions.
At Phoebe's wedding rehearsal dinner, what did Phoebe think were supposed to be vegetarian?
How does Joey's agent, Estelle Leonard, die?
11 letters, atomic element number 101... ends in 'ium'.
Chandler's ad agency only hires three assistants out of fifteen interns. Name the three interns who were hired in the end.
Amy Green, Mr. Treeger, Phoebe, Jasmine, Ross and one other person do yoga. Name that person.
What is Joey eating as he tells Chandler he has to eat everything because the fridge broke?
How many coin tosses in a row did Joey lose when playing against Rachel?
Tarantulas don't scare Rachel, but which two animals do?
C.H.E.E.S.E. stands for ____________ ________ Electronically Enhanced Secret Enforcer.
Besides the six main characters, name two other people who have lived in Joey and Chandler's apartment.
Rachel wants to substitute the three-pound lobster for the side of steamed vegetables. What are the steamed vegetables a side to?
Besides Van Gogh, Vatican City, vulcanized rubber, the Vesuvius, volcanoes, vivisection and the Vietnam War, name one other thing Joey has learned about from the encyclopedia.
What is Chandler Bing's job? :)
Monica and Chandler give presents to everyone before announcing they're moving to Westchester (e.g., a meatball sub for Joey, earrings for Phoebe). What did Ross and Rachel get?
Who gave Ross his Capuchin monkey, Marcel?
Ross is allergic to kiwi, lobster and _______.
When Chandler's parents were getting divorced, he got called a lot of tigers, champs, ______, sports, and even a governor.
When Ross and Rachel return to Ross's place for the first time with Emma, the pacifiers are in the closet, the diapers were left at the hospital, and what is in the linen closet?
Anything goes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship except _______ and 'fish hooking'.
What is the last thing Joey says in his 'Ichiban... Lipstick for Men' commercial?
Seeing which two people prompted Chandler to liken the sight to cousins having sex?
The names of Janice's ex-husband and husband.
Amy Green has mistakenly refered to Emma as 'Ella', 'Emily' and...?
In the ten years, Ross has dressed up as a naval officer, as the Holiday Armadillo and as...?
The two fruits Rachel uses in her 'traditional' English trifle
In reference to the guy in a coma, Monica thinks 'Agamemnon' is way too special a name for him. What name does Phoebe first suggest and Monica deems not special enough?
Chandler's list: Kim Basinger, __________, Halle Berry, Yasmine Bleeth and Jessica Rabbit.
The things associated with the United States congress Joey faces on the game show, 'Pyramid', include 'legislature', ________, 'filibuster' and 'addendum'.
Which of Rachel's pros does Ross read off his pro-list before Joey opens the window for him?
In the order they first speak on the show, name the six main characters (first names only).
It could take time to get a taxi, there could be traffic, the _____ _____ _____ _____, there could be a line at customs...
Joey's sisters: Gina, Dina, Mary Angela, Mary Therese, Veronica, _______ and ____.
At what age did Jack Geller get the Porsche?
Ross was invited to be on The Discovery Channel to talk about fossils just found in ______.
At Rachel's obstetrician's office, Ross says he's going to be there for the doctor's appointments, the Lamaze classes and...?
Monica gave up her shares of MEG, then split her money and bought some shares of ___ and ZXY.
What does WENUS stand for?
What makes Joey 'bloaty'?

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