Begins with... (Days of the Week Edition)

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Can you name the words that begin with the first three letters of each day of the week (except Tuesday*)?

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Single-person sovereignty 
Market domination 
Southeast Asian wind 
Exchanged notes? 
Cookie or Frankenstein's, e.g. 
Ferret-like creature in a Kipling story 
Another word for 'obelisk' 
Cross-breeding result 
French honorable 
Famous obelisk, 'Washington _______' 
The full name of Gomez and Morticia's child full of woe 
One of six simple machines 
A species of seal; Antarctic explorer; A sea in the Atlantic 
Popular prank 
Tale by Hans Christian Andersen  
Element #69 
Usually follows lightning 
Bulletin board fastener 
Gesture of approval 
Dull noise made when falling 
Another nickname for The City by the Bay 
Raids can happen here 
Frock-wearing figure 
TV series with Observers 
In need of warmth or excitement 
High-humidity hair 
Flying disc, ultimate at times 
Deep-fried snack 
Latin name: 'Citrus unshiu' 
Ovid, Aesop and Horace, e.g. 
Lustrous material 
'I can't get no ____________' 
Dissolution; absorption; impregnation 
The Moon or Sputnik 1, e.g. 
Goat-like mythological creature 
Ring bearer? 
Skewered Asian fare 
Adj. used to describe a ship or one's cheeks 
Verb meaning 'to bask' 
Van Gogh painted them 
Chinese dynasty between 960 and 1279 
Cherry-topped homophone? 
Common magnetic disruption to satellites 
Old timer? 
Separate; divide 

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