'A' Vocabulary Test (Interpretive)

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Can you choose the right definitions for each of the 'A' words given in this short vocabulary test?

1) abalone
an edible sea mollusk
a petal-shaped form of Italian pasta
a tool for grooming horses
2) acerbic
very direct and harshly critical
excelling at a particular activity
nimble and flexible
3) acquiesce
to dissolve in water
to accept something without protest
to become enlightened about truth
4) acrimonious
angry and bitter
calm and easy-going
nervous and overly alert
5) alacrity
a quick readiness to do something
a disregard for important issues
a heightened sensitivity towards change
6) amnesty
a tendency to forget names
an aversion to drugs (esp. caffeine)
an official pardon for wrongdoing
7) arcane
secret or poorly understood
fiery and tempermental
new and fresh
8) arduous
passionately enthusiastic
difficult and tiring
boring and uninteresting
9) assuage
to discourage someone from doing something
to make an unpleasant feeling less intense
to escape or resolve a difficult situation
10) audacious
bold and daring
harshly unpleasant to listen to
tall and menacing
11) augur
to lure a person or animal into a trap
to receive something in abundance
to foreshadow the outcome of an event
12) auspicious
having an appearance like gold
suggestive of future success or fortune
uncaring, especially as a parental figure

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