Say What? Vanity License Plates...

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Can you decipher these vanity license plates?

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License PlateMeaningHint
VNTYPL8One gimme.
MV OVRI'm faster.
NWUCMENow you don't.
IM2SXYFor my car.
HIOFCRLicense and registration...
8EE OCHNot you tho.
DTHVDRImagine the driver wearing the costume while driving. That's funny.
NVRL8On a Corvette or Mustang...but not a minivan.
RNM OVRHopefully on a big truck.
EPH UEast Philadelphia University?
GO LLNot you tho.
XQZ MESorry to cut you off.
LMAOATUAt least there was no F.
1 4ST 1I'd like to see that sometime son.
MORCWBLThere's never enough.
WPDRTISTag team back again...
3M TA3Try your vanity mirror.
37OH55VFlip 180.
OSI-IITLook closely. Or squint.

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