Word Loops 2

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Can you name the the word/s that start with the previous answers last two letters (Like School -> Old)?

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The Leaning Tower of ____
City in Texas whose sports team is the Spurs
State whose capital is Des Moines
Similar command to stop
A list of place that will be/have been visited
Actor in The Proposal and X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Type of internet connection that uses telephone lines
One of the seven deadly sins and also an animal
Shakespearean play about a Moorish general
Fashion brand whose abbreviations are LV
Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys
Country whose capital is Ulaanbaatar
A slow person is a ______ to a group in a race
Famous 'enemy' in the Jurassic Park movies
Second book of the Torah. Also a mass departure of people
Movie Title: From ____ Till Dawn
Company that makes headphones, mp3 players, etc.
The Han, Zhou, and Gupta are examples of...
Country bordering Latvia and Russia
Waterfall located between Ontario and New York

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