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Detecting lies
Media campaign
Sex bias in the diagnosis of disorders
Improving adherence
Stress: work
Poverty and disadvantaged neighbourhoods
Combined: measuring stress
Measuring stress: physiological
Recognising faces: E-FIT
Hassels and life events
Moral development
Treatment of social phobia with phenelzine
Witness confidence
Fear arousal
Healthy belief model
Majority influence
Genes and serotonin
Brain dysfunction
Biological predispositions to phobias
Cognitive interview
Social script
Effects of order on testimony
Weapon focus
Treating panic attacks
Behavioural explanation of a phobia
Criminal thinking patterns
British profiling (bottom up)
Witness attractiveness
Treatment of a noise phobia
Case study of John Duffy
Self-report: measuring stress
Social support
Learning from others
Reasons for non-adherence
Lack of control
Cognitive explanation of a phobia (GAD)
Stages and influences on decision making
Impact of protective shields and videotape testimony on conviction rates
Self efficacy
Disrupted families
Minority influence
Persuasion (expert witnesses)
Locus of control
False confessions
Measures of non-adherence
Inadmissible evidence
American profiling: top down
Managing stress: cognitive

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