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'You're in luck, Weasley, Potter's obviously spotted some money on the ground!'
'Er- Petunia, dear- you haven't heard from your sister lately, have you?'
'If anyone but a Gringotts Goblin tried that, they'd be sucked through the door and trapped in there'
'Very safe, as they're both dentists'
'Gran, I've lost my toad again.'
'I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks.'
'Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.'
'None of you is to move while I take this boy to the hospital wing! You leave those brooms where they are or you'll be out of Hogwarts before you can say 'Quidditch'.'
'Ever seen a game of Quidditch, Potter?'
'Swish and flick, remember, swish and flick'
'You'd be stiff if you'd been sitting on a brick wall all day'
'Everyone thinks I'm Special'
'There's nothin' that lives in the Forest that'll hurt yeh if yer with me or Fang'
'D-Defence Against the D-D-Dark Arts'
'Harry. Nasty, common name, if you ask me.'

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