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What was the name of Mimi's brother, who died in series 4?
What did Marty name the stolen Romanian baby?
In which series do Jamie and Karen get married?
Who stole Fiona's purse in series 2?
Who plays Mandy's violent boyfriend, Joe?
Where was Ian going to move to with Anna, the scratchcard thief?
What is the name of Ian's biological father?
What is the name of Lip's university girlfriend?
What are Frank and Sheila's twins called?
Why did Paddy and Mimi kidnap Karen and tie her to a chair?
When Stella was born, what did Frank say her name means?
What was 'wrong' with Debbie's boyfriend Luke?
When Liam gets a modelling job, what does he become the face of?
What were Kev and Lip selling in the Christmas Special?
Who did Veronica compare herself to when she saw her passport photo?

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