The Little *MER*maid

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Words that contain *MER*What lovely answers mate
She is a character on the office known for drinking, sleeping around, and showing off her flaming red hair
An army-vehicle that is huge
You might see these strewn around at a children's birthday party
70's slang for saying 'that's rotten luck' or expressing dissapointment
A device that has a lens and a shutter button
What kind of poem is this? There once was a man from Nantucket, who kept all his cash in a bucket. But his daughter, named Nan, ran away with a man. And as for the bucket, Nantucke
Everyone hates watching these on T.V.
A tool used to hit nails with
Words that contain *MER*What lovely answers mate
Robots in disguise
When you throw it, it comes right back to you mate
A symbol or mark used to represent a number, think rome
A delicious kind of pie with lemons
In school, it is the classroom you don't learn anything in but congregate to every day--often first thing in the morning
A profession that grows food
The _____ is always right

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