Name the Disney Channel original movie.

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Can you name the Disney Channel original movie?.?

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Movie TitleMissing Word
Luck of the ____
Phantom of the ________
Mom's Got a Date With a ________
____ Upon a Star
_____ Girls
Johnny _______
Under ____
The ______ Year
_______ From Planet Weird
Don't Look Under the ____
Can of ____
_____ Confessions
_____ House
______ Sense
______ Girl of the 21st Century
The _____ Me
The ______ Christmas Present
My Date With the _______ Daughter
Movie TitleMissing Word
Jett ______: the Movie
_____ Ship
The ______ Point
Double ______
Get a ____
A Ring of _______ Light
Eddie's ______ Dollar Cook-Off
Right on ______
Full-Court ______
____ Perfect
______ to the Mat
Tiger _______
Now You ____ it
Life is _____
Cow ____
____ Rock
Return to _______

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